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Our story began on 19 of March 2015.

Due to the lack of healthy and quality food business in the area, I saw myself in the need to do sometime about in order to help the community to become healthier. our main goal and continues to be, was to help people as much as possible to get into healthy living and feel better with themselves. Dr juice was born in a very small unit but with very good vibes at the Elephant and Castle shopping Center, where this amazing journey began selling Juices, smoothies, Fruit salad, Porridge and Soups made to order with fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.  

It has been so rewarding listening to so many of our costumers talking about their health now and before we appeared.

Talking about costumers it makes me feel so proud when I hear "I just bought a new Juicer", " i just go a new blender"; this makes me realized that I have been doing sometime good for the community and it has been a privilege to have served so many happy costumers for the past 5 years and hopefully in the future.

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